포천아트밸리 포아르

포천아트밸리 포아르

Healing, Happiness, Heart,
Pocheon Artvally
Nature, Arts, People and Rest
I wish to extent my sincerest welcome to Pocheon Art Valley that converted the ruined and closed rocky mountain discarded since 1970’s into a cultural and artistic venue overflowing with delightful emotions for the first time in Korea.
Director of Pocheon Art Valley Greetings
Mountains in Pocheon that were cut up extensively as the result of quarrying of boulders became devastating ruins upon completion of quarrying and were forgotten. The environmental destruction and the unsightly landscape of the closed quarry became the cause for the degradation of the image of the city.

For the first time in Korea, Pocheon City gave rebirth to the closed quarry, which had been discarded and abandoned since 2003, into a composite cultural and artistic venue by healing it through culture and art, and restoring the environment.

Now, Pocheon Art Valley of Korea that has been rediscovered is receiving a great deal of attention not only from the academic sector but also the mass media since its opening in 2009. Moreover, it is now known widely as the venue for benchmarking by local autonomous government throughout Korea due to the excellent ways of utilization of closed quarry and mines.

The total area of Pocheon Art Valley currently drawing more than 300,000 visitors annually is approximately 50,000 pyeong (150,000m2). A diverse range of exhibitions are being held at the Stone Culture Promotional Exhibition Center, Astronomical Science Center and Educational Exhibition Center.
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Pocheon Art Valley with nature, culture and art blossomed in the midst of devastated ruins is putting our utmost efforts in the continuous development of contents in order to offer valuable and memorable experiences for the time spent by the visitors.
Once again, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for visiting Pocheon Art Valley in which the nature, culture, art and people are united.